Excellence in IBM Software Solutions

Oxford International is an IBM Software Group premier business partner, and the leading solutions provider for multi-platform enterprise modernization, collaborative application lifecycle management, and systems integration services.

Business demands utmost flexibility in every product solution, to ensure it will be valid today and tomorrow regardless of an enterprise technology direction. Software to run on any platform or in the cloud, supporting all technologies. And tools to support DevOps goals, from continuous integration and testing through to continuous delivery, with the assurance of product stability and continued evolution that can be relied upon by IBM’s proven, world-class research and development.

Our Mission:

Excellence in IBM Software Solutions is not just a statement, it is our mission and our earned reputation; anything less is unacceptable. Combining best practices in our core disciplines with exceptional cost competitiveness. Oxford partners with each client for their success.

Unique Capabilities:

In addition to our globally renowned System z enterprise modernization and integration practice, Oxford also brings a rich heritage in the IBM i platform and products. Unique skillsets for IBM i to support modernization and integration, but also help customers realize measurable productivity and quality improvement for every aspect of the enterprise portfolio.

Realistic solutions to help each customer meet clear needs: to accelerate product delivery to the business, improve code quality, ensure security, and establish processes as a foundation for continuous improvement.

Oxford International is IBM´s recommended business partner for customer solutions

IBM Software & Oxford International
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